High School and Middle School Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff


Fall Season

Girls Soccer 
Head Varsity:  Mr. Scott Ernest
email: scott.ernest@mppanthers.org
Assistant Varsity:  Ms. Morgan Altemus
email: maltemus@mppanthers.org
7/8 Grade:  Ms. Madalyn Messina
email: mmessina@mppanthers.org
Boys Soccer
Head Varsity:  Mr. Mark Kruis   
email: mkruis@mppanthers.org                                                        
Assistant Varsity / JV:  Mr. Dylan King
email: dking@mppanthers.org
7/8 Grade:  Mr. Christian Lawlor
email: clawlor@mppanthers.org
Head Varsity:  Mr. Jason Becker
email: jason.becker@mppanthers.org

Assistant Varsity / JV:  Ms. Nicole Marino
email: nmarino@mppanthers.org
Assistant Varsity / Frosh:  Mrs. Jessica Leigh
email: jleigh@mppanthers.org
7/8 Grade:  Ms. Avery Dravis-Stark
email: *TBA* @mppanthers.org
Cross Country (COED)
Head Varsity:  Ms. Kristy Victory
email: kvictory@mppanthers.org 

Assistant Varsity:
  Mrs. Lori Kilmurray
email: lkilmurray@mppanthers.org
7/8 Grade:  Mr. Jeffrey Peters
email: jpeters@mppanthers.org 

Girls Tennis

Head Varsity:  Mr. Jeff Hackett
email: jhackett@mppanthers.org

Coop. Associate Head Varsity:  Mr. Eric Ferro
email: eferro@mppanthers.org

Assistant Varsity / JV:  Mr. Shawn Savage
email: ssavage@mppanthers.org

Assistant Varsity / JV:  Mr. Byron Blake
email: bblake@mppanthers.org

Coop. Associate Head Varsity:  Ms. Nicole Cieri
email: nicole.cieri@mppanthers.org

Winter Season 

Girls Basketball 
Head Varsity:  Mr. Sean O'Connor
email: sean.oconnor@mppanthers.org
Assistant Varsity / JV:  Ms. Kristy Victory
email: kvictory@mpsnj.org

Assistant Varsity/Frosh: Ms. Kasey Damiano
email: Kdamiano@mpsnj.org

7/8 Grade:  Ms. Madalyn Messina
email: mmessina@mpsnj.org

Boys Basketball
Head Varsity:  Mr. Adam Sidrow
email: asidrow@mppanthers.org

Junior Varsity:  TBA

Freshman: TBA
7/8 Grade:  TBA

Head Varsity/JV:  TBA

Winter Track
Head Varsity / JV:  TBA

Assistant Varsity / JV:  

Coop. Head Varsity:  TBA
7/8 Grade:  Mr. Byron Blake
email: bblake@mpsnj.org

Coop. Associate Head Varsity:  Ms. Nicole Cieri
email: Nicole.cieri@mppanthers.org

 Spring Season

Head Varsity:  ​Mr. Frank Clark
email: frank.clark@mppanthers.org
Assistant Varsity / JV:  Mr. Evans Lazzaro

Assistant Varsity:  Mr. Christian Lawlor
email: clawlor@mppanthers.org
7/8 Grade:  Mr. Drew Strohmeyer
email: dstrohmeyer@mpsnj.org
Head Varsity:  Mr. Constantine Eliopoulos
email: celiopoulos@mpsnj.org
Assistant Varsity: Ms. Samantha Garcia
email: sgarcia@mpsnj.org
7/8 Grade: Ms. Nicole Marino
email: nmarino@mpsnj.org 
Spring Track
Head Varsity:  Mr. Tom Gementgis
email: TBA

Assistant Varsity:  Mr. Bob Currier
email: TBA
Assistant Varsity:  
email: TBA
Assistant Varsity:  Mr. Shawn Savage
email: ssavage@mpsnj.org
7/8 Grade (girls):  Ms. Kristy Victory
email: kvictory@mpsnj.org
7/8 Grade (boys):  Mr. Jeffrey Peters
email: jpeters@mpsnj.org 
Head Varsity:  Mr. Richard Bennett
email: TBA

Assistant Varsity:  Mr. Shawn Bennett
email: TBA

Boys Tennis
Head Varsity:  Mr. Jeff Hackett
email: jhackett@mpsnj.org

 Director of Athletics: Mr. Michael Gaccione
(201)-444-7400 ext. 205

 Athletic Trainer: Mr. Larry Schupner
(201)-444-7400 ext. 240

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