English 7 Honors

All daily homework, classroom assignments, and major assignments are posted on the English Google Classroom page. English 7 Honors Classroom Policies and Expectations

Ms. Altemus Room 21

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Policies and Expectations:

1.      Students wishing to be successful will bring all required materials, be on time for class, complete all assignments, and participate in class discussions.

2.      Required materials for English class include:

a.       3 RED composition notebooks

b.      Folder

c.      Pens [blue or black ink for work that will be handed in as well as tests and quizzes], pencils, highlighters (2) 

d.      Planner – please be sure to write your homework in your planner. Even if there is no homework, write that there is no homework. It will help you stay organized!     

3.      Please be on time for class. It is important to be in class at the start of the period, so you do not miss any “Do Now” activities or important information given out within the first minutes of class. If you are late because you were in another class or with a teacher or administrator, please bring a note when you arrive to class.

4.      Be respectful to everyone in class as well as your peers’ personal property and school property. As a class, we will respect each other’s opinions and property. Respond thoughtfully to other’s opinions. Remember to ask before you borrow someone’s property or want to borrow property in the classroom. Anything you borrow should be returned in the condition in which you received it.

5.      All work must be completed on time and with 100% effort. Each day that an assignment is late, points will be taken off.

For Homework and Classwork/Minor Assignments:

-          1 Day Late: Grade will be brought down 2-3 points (depending on assignment).

-          Additional days late will result in additional points off.

For Major Assignments:

-          Grade will be brought down 1 letter grade for each day late.

Any assignment not handed in will receive a 0 in the gradebook. It is much better to hand in work that you have put some effort into, because you will get some points for it, rather than handing in nothing and earning a 0, which hurts your grade more.

6.      If you are absent, please come to me as soon as possible to find out what you missed. Also, check the “While You Were Out” Wall for any worksheets, assignments, or agenda from the previous day(s). If you miss class for a meeting or practice, be sure to stop by at the end of the day to find out what happened during class. Be responsible for class time you’ve missed.

7.      Hand in all of your own work. Do not copy or plagiarize. If you do copy or plagiarize, you will receive a zero, and we will have a discussion about the work you handed in.

8.      Follow all school rules outlined in the student handbook. These will be in effect within our classroom.

9.      Please do not pack up before the end of class, and stay in your seats until the bell rings.

10.  All assignments will be posted on my webpage on the school website and on our Google Classroom page.

                    Google Classroom Class Code: ______________________

Our Learning This Year:

Grammar – Parts of speech and correct uses, sentence structure, patterns of error

Writing – This year we will be fully implementing our Writing Workshop writing curriculum as well as understanding paragraph and essay structure, writing for multiple purposes (informational, narrative, argumentative, etc.), writing in response to readings, exercising compositional risks.

Reading – Identifying and analyzing elements of short stories and novels. The novels we’ll be reading are The Outsiders and 3 choice novels: Zlata's Diary, Diamonds in the Shadow, and The Girl with Seven Names, and we’ll also utilize various short stories, poems, essays, and articles.

Vocabulary – Use of the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop book to practice units of words. One unit will be worked on per week. We will choose some words from the vocabulary book, and you will find some "Words from Life" to add to your list. We will take quizzes and tests as well as complete Choice Board activities. Honors students will have a more rigorous course load involving supplemental readings, writings, discussions, and presentations.

Grading (points):

Homework: 3 - 20       Test/Essays: 70 - 100

Quizzes: 20 - 40          Projects: 20 - 100 (depending on size)

Grades will be posted on PowerSchool. Please let me know if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Also, any work you miss will be placed into PowerSchool as a 0 until you hand in the work. This is meant to remind you that you have assignments you still need to complete, and the 0 will be changed once you hand in what’s missing.

This is going to be a wonderful year! Come and talk to me if you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments. Feel free to find me before or after school or to email me. Please review these policies and expectations with a parent/guardian. After reviewing the policies, please sign and date.
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