Creative Writing homework assignments

Homework Assignments for Creative Writing

Mr. Ferriday

Write three (3) pages in your journal about any of the following topics.  Each topic may be used twice (2).  The assignment is due every Monday.

·         God

·         The front page story of today’s newspaper

·         What you did last night

·         A dream you recently had

·         What you think the word “gadzook” means and its origins

·         The origin of the moon

·         The origin of the universe

·         Write a myth about:

o   why people have two feet

o   two hands

o   ten fingers and toes

o   why trees are green

o   why the sea makes waves

o   why the stars come out at night

o   why the moon is not always full

o   why dogs are pets

o   why the seasons change

o   why the sky is blue

o   why something is something and not anything else

·         The life story of the man who made your shoes

·         Your early life story

·         The life story of an imaginary person you know

·         The life story of your great-great grandfather

·         Your earliest recollections of sleeping in a crib

·         Your first day of school

·         The first time you realized you were a conscious human being

·         How it feels to swim

·         How it feels to be the world champion in the 100 meters

·         Describe what you see out your bedroom window and give meaning to those things you see

·         Describe taking a walk along a street in Berlin (or any other city in the world)

·         If you could have all the blue whales killed in the world so you could live 15 years longer, would you? Why?

·         Would you trade your left thumb cutoff for a million dollars? Your right thumb? Why?

·         Critique a recent movie you saw

·         Critique a recent TV show you saw

·         What’s the best music group? Why?

·         Describe the best time you’ve ever had

·         What are your special plans?

·         What object in your bedroom would you save first if there was a fire? Why?

·         Take three coins out of your pocket, look at them as if you were an anthropologist, tell what those coins means to the society they hypothetically come from.  Explain what that hypothetical society is like from just the info you get from the coins.

·         What did you do last Tuesday?

·         Should there be a death penalty?  Why?

·         If you were the teacher of this class, what would you do?

·         If you found a wallet in the hallway with $10.00 and an ID in it, what would you do?

·         If you found a wallet in the middle of Prospect Street with $10.00 in it, and an ID, what would you do?  What would you do if someone saw you pick it up?

·         Tell about your favorite relative

·         Is there a devil?

·         Explain how to make a car.

·         Explain how to find oil in the ground?

·         Explain how to do open heart surgery.

·         Describe another world where time stands still

·         Describe another world where everything moves backwards

·         Describe your trip to Venus

·         Describe what it felt like when you first walked across the moon

·         Explain where lost socks go

·         Explain what it would be like to have a twin

·         Should Saddam be killed? Why?

·         Should we keep a few cells of smallpox to study or should we destroy them so smallpox will never exist again? Why?

·         Should the government have the right to stop woman from having an abortions?

·         Should we make “attending school” a personal choice instead of the law it is now?  Why?

·         Should we lower the voting age to 16? The drinking age to 14? The driving age to 14? Why?

·         If you could commit the “perfect” murder, would you?  Who would you murder? Why?

·         If you could be anyone else, who would you be?  Why?

·         If you could talk to anyone is history, who would you talk to?  What would you say?

·         Are you lazy? If so, why?

·         What are your strengths? Your weaknesses?

·         Do you like competition?  If so, why? If not, why?

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