World History Announcements
AnnouncementsExtra help is available in the Media Center during lunch periods.


       Upcoming assignments are posted on Google Classroom and Power School each Monday.

Course Expectations:

~Arrive to class on time with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Contribute to all class activities and complete your work.

~Treat everyone respectfully. Our classroom is a safe place where we all feel comfortable.

~Credit will be given to assignments written in your own words. Work copied from another student or a source such as a website will result in loss of credit for all students involved.

~It is the student’s responsibility to turn in work on time if not in class due to a music lesson, field trip, or other absence.

~Chromebooks should be charged at home and used appropriately. Unrelated tasks such as playing games or working on assignments from another class will not be tolerated. Charging is not permitted during class.

~There is no reason to use your cell phone or earplugs during class because we use Chromebooks. ~The hall pass must be filled out when you leave the classroom and you should exit and enter quietly.