High School Choir
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        He Who Sings       
High School Concert Choir
2023 & 2024
Mrs.Donna Halliwell
                                                           [email protected]

Students learn age-appropriate and skill level choral literature of different genres, sacred and secular text

Concert dress for all performances:
Girls: skirts provided by school, white blouse, black shoes
Boys: black dress pants, white button down shirt, black shoes, (bow tie provided by teacher)

Please make arrangements now to be available for the dates below.

1. Winter Concert: rehearsal is tentatively Mon. Dec. 18 or Tues Dec 19 time to be announced
2. Winter Concert HS Choir & Madrigals is Wed Dec, 20 time to be announced
3. Spring Concert rehearsal is tentatively Monday, April 22 or Tues, April 23 time to be announced
4. Spring Concert is Thurs, April 25 2023 time to be announced
5. Graduation: Friday, June 20 time to be announced

Attendance at ALL Concert and rehearsal(s) is mandatory. Unexcused absences from any of the above activities will affect student grades.
Please note that due to the unlikely (but possible) event (due to reasons beyond my control) that the concert and or rehearsal date must change students are still required to attend.

Vocal Testing Assessments
Classroom assessments 
Attendance at rehearsals, concerts, graduation

Resource Links to becoming a better singer:
                                               Falsetto and Head Voice

Supplemental Assignment:
Watch the following video and answer the questions in complete sentences.  Make sure you are clearly answering each entire question.
My Voice Is Weak
1. Describe what a 'breathy" sound is, and why it happens (physically)
2. Is breathiness bad? Why or why not?
3.  Do you want to sound "pretty" why you sing? Why or why not?
4. How can someone correct "breathiness"? Include exercises you can do to correct "breathiness".