Junior High Chorus 7th and 8th grade
Junior High Chorus: Grades 7 & 8 
2022 & 2023
Donna Halliwell, Vocal Director       
                                                  Email: [email protected]
Classroom code for Period 1 Chorus White day: tqswa2x
Classroom code for Period 1 Chorus Green day: 
Classroom code for Period 4 Chorus: cln4abs

This is a performance based class. Students will learn how to sing alone and together. Students will learn standard, age-appropriate choral literature, of different cultures, sacred and secular. Students will be tested on their knowledge of the repertoire and skill ability, intonation, and vocal strength and quality. Vocal testing grades will be a part of the Chorus grade. Attendance at concerts is reflected in student grades. Students' performance in class, at rehearsals, and concert is also assessed and reflected in grades.

Concerts are mandatory and part of the Board of Ed approved Chorus curriculum. Students must attend unless there is a valid excused absence (doctor's note should be given). Students must stay for the entire concert. No credit given if student leaves early. If a concert date changes due to unforeseen circumstances (such as inclement weather) the students must attend the concert on the new date.

Concerts are required part of the curriculum: STUDENTS MUST STAY FOR THE ENTIRE CONCERT

  1. Winter Concert Thurs Dec, 15 2022 students arrive for warm up tentatively at 6:30 (time is subject to change) 
  2. Winter concert starts at 7:30 p.m.
  3. Spring Concert is Thursday, April 27 2023, student arrive tentatively for warm-up, tentatively at 7:00 pm (time subject to change) 
  4. Spring concert starts at 8:00 p.m.

Concert dress:

1. Boys: black pants (black jeans okay, no rips), white button-down dress shirt (long or short sleeve, not a golf shirt), black shoes (black sneakers okay)

2. Girls: black skirt (knee length or below, floor length good, no short skirts), and white top (long or short sleeve, no spaghetti straps), black shoes (no flip flops, no Uggs), NO LEGGINGS

I have the following items that can be loaned out (you must email me ASAP, no later than Oct 15)


  1. White button down shirts for boys (a few, not sure of size)
  2. Some pairs of black shoes ( a few, not sure of size)
  3. Long skirts for girls that need to be hemmed

Resource Links (You Tube videos)
Supplemental assignment:
Watch the video and answer the following using complete sentences.  Use as many examples and descriptive statements as possible.
1.  Explain what falsetto and head voice are.
2.  How is each produced.  What is happening to the vocal chords?
3. Provide examples of when you would hear falsetto and head voice (styles of music, types of songs).
Watch the video and answer the following using complete sentences.  Use as many examples and descriptive statements as possible.
1. Describe what a "breathy" sound is, and why it happens (physically).
2. Is "breathiness" bad? Why or why not?
3.  Do you want to sound "pretty" when you sing? Why or why not?
4.  How can someone correct "breathiness"? Include exercises you can do to correct "breathiness".
Breathing for Singers (read the article and do the assignment)