AP Psychology Summer Assignment

Students will read 10 Articles from 40 studies that changed psychology. 

Students will need to sign on to Google classroom and Join AP Psych class with code: tljv207

Students will also need to receive their 40 studies book from me. 

Advance Placement Psychology Summer Assignment


Advanced Placement Psychology students will read then fill out a summary worksheet describing the study. Ten articles chosen from the book “Forty Studies That Changed Psychology” will be required. The subject topics will include Biology and Human Behavior, Perception and Consciousness, Learning and Conditioning, Emotion and Motivation Intelligence, Personality, Psychopathology, Intelligence Cognition and Memory, Psychotherapy, Human Development, and finally Social Development. These topics are covered in the Advanced Placement exam for psychology and will be complementary to the topics covered in the class. Copies of the books will be given to the students.


The summary will include, but not limited to, what was the purpose of the study, what methods did the researchers use, what the recent applications are of the research, and finally what were the results of the study. All summaries must be typed.


The Following articles are as follows:

  1. Watch Out For The Visual Cliff!          Pages 27 to 34
  2. To Sleep, No Doubt To Dream…           Pages 42 to 49
  3. It’s Not Just About Salivating Dogs! Pages 65 to 72
  4. Thanks For The Memories!                    Pages 117 to 125
  5. How Moral Are You?                                  Pages 143 to150
  6. I Can See It All Over Your Face!          Pages 168 to 175
  7. Are You The Master Of Your Fate?   Pages 190 to 197
  8. Who’s Crazy Here, Anyway?                 Pages 225 to 233
  9. Picture This!                                                   Pages 276 to 283
  10. A Prison By Any Other Name…           Pages 285 to 292

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