Summer Reading 2018

World History Summer Assignment

Animal Farm

By George Orwell

All work should be written in complete sentences in your own words. Each assignment is due at the beginning of class on the date specified.

I Vocabulary (due 9/10)

Define the following words using your textbook or a dictionary before you read the book.

  1. communism
  2. totalitarianism
  3. ration
  4. decree
  5. propaganda


II Important historical figures (due 9/14)

The characters in the book are based on actual historical figures:

Old Major (Lenin and Marx), Mr. Jones (Nicholas II), Snowball (Trotsky), Napoleon (Stalin)

Write a description of one sentence for each historical figure below. You can use your textbook or a trustworthy website (Wikipedia is not acceptable). If you use an online source, please provide the website URL. It is recommended to do this before you read the book.

  1. Karl Marx


  2. Czar Nicholas II


  3. Vladimir Lenin


  4. Leon Trotsky


  5. Joseph Stalin




III Reading Comprehension (due 9/18)

Answer 3 of the following questions with specific evidence from the novel.  Indicate the page number(s) from which you gathered your examples.

  1. Illustrate the evidence of peer pressure as demonstrated in the book, with examples of Boxer and/or the sheep.
  2. Are the pigs good leaders? Use specific examples of good leadership qualities as well as characteristics that they lacked.
  3. Which animal(s) can you most relate to? What similar personality traits do you share? Which animal(s) are you most different from? Why?
  4. Why do the animals revolt at the beginning of the book? Did it change their lives for the better?
  5. Choose one event and analyze why it had the greatest effect on the animals? (Possible Choices: Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball’s defeat, demolition of the windmill, confession of animals to aiding Snowball, Boxer’s exit from the farm, or the battle with Frederick)

IV Quote Analysis (due 9/21)

Choose one meaningful quotation from the novel and explain its significance.  Relate the quote to the events in the book in one complete paragraph and relate the quote to either your own personal experiences or current world events in one complete paragraph. Include the page numbers for the quote and any evidence in the text. Minimum 2 paragraphs.

V Theme (due 9/24)

Choose 2 themes to analyze. Provide quotes and specific examples to support the major themes.


Explanation of Theme

(What does it mean?)

Examples in the Novelwith Specific Textual Evidence (Provide page number)


Rules and Order

Control over the Intellectually Inferior