English III CP
2019 Summer Reading Assignment
Summer Reading

English III Summer Reading Assignment

Read  Born a Crime  by Trevor Noah

  1. Join the English 3 Google Classroom using the class code: ty1x0l.View the PowerPoint presentation entitled Appeals to Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.Take notes on the three different types of evidence.
  2. Read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.
  3. As you read Born a Crime, identify 3 quotes using ethos, 3 examples using logos, and 3 examples using pathos on the chart on Google Classroom. You will need to bring this chart to class the first day of school so you can use the quotes in an in-class timed writing essay. You are expected to complete your own work; do NOT SHARE a document with others.


Extra Links

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All assignments are posted in Google Classroom.