French Class Policies



Students will have homework on a nightly basis and it should take approximately 10-15 minutes. Homework may be submitted online or completed in a workbook. Students will have a week to make up any missed homework for half the credit.


All homework assignments will be posted on my web site, which will help students when they miss class.  It is the student’s responsibility to approach the teacher to receive the necessary help.

Extra credit :  students will receive euro stamps for answering correctly questions base on the content of the class or homework.. Euros will be used to obtain homework passes.


Students will sign out a textbook and two workbooks for which they will be responsible. Students are encouraged to use online textbook and workbook at home. The option to sign out a textbook is available to any student who chooses to use a physical textbook and workbook.  The French binder may be kept in the French classroom and be taken home to review before quizzes and tests.

Extra help for French outside of the classroom:

Please come for extra help as soon as you are having difficulties. Prior arrangement will need to be made at least a day in advance.

French culture and language outside of the classroom:

*All students are encouraged to join the French Club.  Activities will include food tasting, cultural trivia and games, mini-plays, movie nights, trips




Formative Assessment

— Independent Work

— 12 points  - homework

— 6 points -  classwork completion

— 12 points - independent study (French 4h/5AP only)

— Language Use

— 8 points -  target language use (rubric-based)

— 8  points – essential questions (rubric-based)

— 24 points – quick chat (rubric-based)

— Quizzes

— 20 points each

Summative Assessment

— 100 points  - tests

— 20-60 points -  PBA – performance-based assessment (see some examples below)

*Students may RETAKE any test graded 70% or below within one week of the original test.  Simply schedule a time and then relearn the material before the retake.

Types of Performance-Based Assessment:

1. Journals
Students will write regularly in a journal about anything relevant to their life, school or thoughts. Their writing will be in the target language. The teacher will collect the journals periodically and provide feedback to the students. This can serve as a communication log between the teacher and students.

2. Letters
The students will create original language compositions through producing a letter. They will be asked to write about something relevant to their own life using the target language. The letter assignment will be accompanied by a rubric for assessment purposes.

3. Oral Reports
The students will need to do research in groups about a given topic. After they have completed their research, the students will prepare an oral presentation to present to the class explaining their research. The main component of this project will be the oral production of the target language.

4. Original Stories
The students will write an original fictional story. The students will be asked to include several specified grammatical structures and vocabulary words. This assignment will be assessed analytically, each component will have a point value.

5. Oral Interview
An oral interview will take place between two students. One student will ask the questions and listen to the responses of the other student. From the given responses, more questions can be asked. Each student will be responsible for listening and speaking.

6. Skit
The students will work in groups in order to create a skit about a real-world situation. They will use the target language. The vocabulary used should be specific to the situation. The students will be assess holistically, based on the overall presentation of the skit.

7. Poetry Recitations
After studying poetry, the students will select a poem in the target langugage of their choice to recite to the class. The students will be assessed based on their pronunciation, rhythm and speed. The students will also have an opportunity to share with the class what they think the poem means.

8. Art Work/ Designs/Drawings
This is a creative way to assess students. They can choose a short story or piece or writing, read it and interpret it. Their interpretation can be represented through artistic expression. The students will present their art work to the class, explaining what they did and why.

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