Painting 1 and Painting 2


This 20-week course focuses on manipulating painting tools and paint media with skill and new techniques. Students will use their experience with drawing and design to create beautiful compositions with color and the use of color theory. We will focus our exploration of painting through art history and the elements and principles of art and design. Students will learn how to minutely observe surface detail, color, and light to "paint what you see."

Materials needed daily:      

  • A pencil
  • Your sketchbook and Chromebook
  •  Old T-shirt (for messy days)

Classes Calendars

What other materials will we use in this class?

We will be using watercolor and acrylic paint

You will be given a set of brushes that you must maintain for the entirety of the semester.  You will also have access to canvas, paper, an easel, and a painting board. You are expected to treat all classroom materials with respect.


In your sketchbook you will sketch ideas for projects as well as collect text and imagery that is meaningful to you.  Your sketchbook should illustrate an ongoing sense of exploration. Project ideas will begin flowing into your head more easily the more you continue working in your sketchbook.

What painting concepts will be covered in class?

Color Theory and Color Relationships

You will learn how to mix colors and understand how color relates to space.

Painting Techniques

You will learn different manner of paint application, blending, impasto, glazing and scumbling, wet into wet, and stippling (to name just a few.)

Compositional Skills

You will create images with interest and tension as well as pleasing relationships of color, scale, texture, value and line.

Rendering / Observation

You will learn how to minutely observe surface detail and color and light to "paint what you see."

Art History

You will research and learn about master artists.

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