10th Grade Drivers Education/Physical Education

Physical Education 10 - One Semester

This course will continue to help students to apply the components of health-related fitness and a special emphasis will be on the development of skills through seasonal activities and physical fitness. Recreational activities including the acquisition of lifetime game skills will carry over into adult life.

Drivers Education

Driver Education 10 - One Semester

The study of Driver Education is a mandatory one semester course designed for students enrolled in grade 10. The student will study the mechanics, basic skills and laws of the automobile and the highway system. Rules of the road, yielding the right of way laws, road signs, signals and road markings, handling social pressures, assessing and managing risk and road rage are at the core of the curriculum. Students will also understand how drivers gather, analyze, and evaluate information in order to make proper decisions and the effect of drugs and alcohol on a driver will be discussed. Students will prepare for and complete the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles written examination taken at the end of the semester. Examination cards will be issued to the students who attain 80% or higher on the exam.The second and complementing part of the course, “Behind the Wheel Driver Education,” should be taken by the student through an outside agency such as the Midland Park Adult School. Although “Behind the Wheel Driver Education” is not mandatory, it is encouraged.

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