Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine
Course Description:
This one semester course provides an opportunity for the study and application of the components of sports medicine, including, but not limited to: sports medicine-related careers, prevention of athletic injuries, the recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuries, rehabilitation and management skills, taping and wrapping techniques, first aid and emergency procedures, human anatomy and physiology, and therapeutic modalities and exercises.
Textbook and Materials required:
  • Prentice, W.E. (2014). Principles of Athletic Training, A Competency-Based Approach. (15th Edition). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

  • Student Online Edition available at

  • 1 subject spiral notebook or binder with loose leaf paper

  • 1 Bottom Pocket Folder

  • Pens/Pencils

Grading Procedures:

  • Written Exams 40%

  • Assignments 40%

  • Projects 20%

Course Topics:

  • Fitness and Conditioning Techniques

  • Nutrition and Supplements

  • Environmental Considerations

  • Wrapping and Taping

  • Mechanisms and Characteristics of Musculoskeletal and Nerve Trauma

  • Tissue Response to Injury

  • The Foot

  • The Ankle and Lower Leg

  • The Knee and Related Structures

  • The Thigh, Hip, Groin, and Pelvis

  • The Shoulder Complex

  • The Elbow

  • The Forearm, Wrist, Hand and Fingers

  • The Spine

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