Geometry Class Requirements

Welcome to Geometry 

[email protected]

[email protected] (student use)


Notebook Pencils/eraser Highlighter

Folder Calculator (scientific) Ruler (for home use)

Paper Colored pencils Protractor (for home use)


Grading is done using a point system.  Tests and projects will be worth more points and smaller assignments such as quizzes, Do Nows, homework and classwork will be assigned less points.  Your assignments will be in the form of tests, quizzes, projects, math labs, homework and daily classwork.

Check your grades in PowerSchool regularly.  It is important that you keep on top of your progress.  You will be able to see if you have missed any assignments and which assignments are coming up.

If you need to speak with me or need extra help, please come to M4.  This is where my desk is located and I will be in this room before and after school.  


  •  Bring your vocabulary workbook and a charged chromebook to class every day.  You will not be able to switch seats to charge your chromebook.
  •  Homework will be given throughout the week and all assignments will be listed on google classroom.
  •  Any work missed due to absence must be made up.  Due dates will be determined by the teacher upon the student’s return to class.  
  •  All students will receive 1 homework pass and 5 bonus points each marking period.  

Classroom Guidelines

  •  Please be on time for class.  There is no reason to be late.
  •  Please sit in your assigned seat.  Do not switch seats without permission.
  • Be respectful and appropriate when speaking and writing.  This is a G-rated class.
  •  There is no food in class. 
  • Please keep all drinks/water bottles in your backpack.
  •  If you leave the room during class, please take the green hall pass AND bring it back to class when you return. 
  •  Do not record, take pictures or redistribute any photos of students or teachers from this class. 

Cell Phone Policy

Phones should not be out during class.  Please keep your cell phone in your backpack. Students should not be texting, watching videos or listening to music during classroom instruction, while taking tests, quizzes and completing group work.  However, phones may be permitted for specific assignments and activities which will be directed by the teacher.  


Student’s Name

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name

Parent’s Email

Parent’s Phone Number

Best time to be contacted

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